Thursday, July 8, 2010

When to Replace Running Shoes

Here's some quick notes I read today about when to replace running shoes.

For typical training-style running shoes, they are good for about 500 miles (in contrast to racing-style running shoes, which may only be good for 200-300 miles).

Also, watch for compression lines in the soles of the shoes.  If there are getting to be alot of compression lines, then it's time to replace the shoes.

Another sign that the shoes are wearing out can be the onset of various aches and pains due to the shoes losing their ability to absorb the shock of each stride.

Looking at my training log, it looks like I have about 300 miles on my shoes.  I'm running about 20-25 miles per week, so I should expect them to last at least another couple of months.  My next race is mid-October, so I also want to make sure I have plenty of time to break in some new shoes before my next race. 


  1. One thing to remember, this is a 'rule of thumb'. After a few years of running I learned that with most shoes my mileage is limited to around 300. This is likely because I am heavier than the 'average' runner, but might also have something to do with my gait.

    Until you know for certain what your shoes can do, I would take them into Luke's Locker or another running store with about 300 miles on them. They will help you review them and will give you an idea of if/when they need to be replaced. Other stores are likely good for this, but in my experience the folks at Luke's in Colleyville are not afraid to tell you that your shoes are good for another 100 miles or so.

    I have also learned to keep my old shoes for 'rainy day' shoes...those days when you want to run but it will take a few days for the shoes to fully dry out.

  2. Thanks, I'll stop by Luke's Locker and see what they say.