Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Poll - the "26.2" sticker

If you drive alot like I do, this is a familiar sticker:

Today I got to thinking about this sticker. I noticed them for sale at a local running shop. I started wondering: what does this sticker actually mean? I know it's a marathon distance, but does it mean the driver is someone who runs alot of marathons? or has actually run at least one marathon? What if someone is in training for one, and decides to post the sticker to let the world know about their goal? sort of like making the world their accountability partner. Taken a step further, what if it's someone that's run for a while, and has the goal of running a marathon some day? I imagine it could mean any of these things. What do you think? Chime in on my poll and let me know.


  1. IMHO...
    You should not display this until you have crossed the finish line at a marathon.

  2. It is a statement of accomplishment. I bought mine a few weeks before my first marathon. I took it with me in the car when I went to my first 26.2. When I got back to my car after crossing the finish line the first thing I did was put it on my car. It is something I am very proud of, and I display it with pride - because of the accomplishment, not the dream.