Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Tempo; Champion shirt give-away

Today's Tempo Run

Ran my tempo in blistering 98 degree heat today. All sun. It was HOT. With that kind of heat, it doesn't take alot of effort (speed) to get the heart rate up.

So today's tempo went like this:
10min warm-up, 10min tempo, 6min rest/easy run, and 10min tempo.

Because of the intense heat, I decided to ignore my pace and let my heart rate dictate my pace, with the goal of trying to keep my hr in zone 4 for the tempo runs. The result is below.

My hr creeped into zone 5 for a bit, probably due to cardiac creep in the heat. The big change from last week is that I increased my break between the two tempo's from 3min to 6min. Last week I couldn't complete the 2nd tempo, but today I finished with no problem. So now the goal is to gradually decrease the break until I can run a straight 20min tempo.

Champion Shirt Give-Away

Being new to the world of blogging, especially running blogs, I been spending alot of time lately surfing the blogosphere looking for interesting running blogs to follow. It seems like there are an endless number of running blogs. So, I've tried to be rather selective about the ones I decide to follow. You can see my list to the right.

One of the blogs I've begun to read regularly is the "Shut Up and Run!" blog. It's a good mix of humor and helpful info. Also - right now is a good time to check it out, because there's a Champion Shirt Give-Away going on.

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