Monday, July 12, 2010

The party's over

My post-race rest and recovery week is now officially over. That means back to eating right and time to start training for my next race, which is a 5k in October.

I went for a 3-mile run last night, and kept an easy pace. It was one of those weird runs where I felt slow and tired, but my pace was actually pretty good. If I hadn't been wearing my Garmin, I would have thought my pace was slower than it was.

So, my training plan beginning this week looks basically like this:
Sunday - easy run
Monday - rest, resistance training
Tuesday - intervals
Wednesday - easy run, resistance training
Thursday - tempo run
Friday - rest
Saturday - long run, resistance training

My weekly mileage totals will ramp up over the next few months from about 17 to 25 miles per week. Most weeks, my long run will account for roughly 1/3 of my miles. I plan to ramp up my long runs from 6 miles this week to 10 miles by late Sept.

p.s. - I read recently that for 5k/10k training, it's a good idea to try to get your long runs up to about 3x your race distance.

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