Monday, July 19, 2010

Glitchy Run

Garmin problems, Ipod problems, and spider webs...what a run!

Went out for an easy 30min run Sunday night.  I decided that I would watch my hr and really focus on keeping my hr towards the low end of my aerobic zone, around 150bpm. I set my Garmin hr alerts and hit the road.

A few minutes into my run I check my Garmin, and no hr.  It's just blank where my hr is supposed to be.  I had forgotten to moisten the hr strap :/  I wasn't carrying water, so I tried spitting on it a few times and my hr showed up.  ok. So I start again, trying to pick up my hr, but it stays low.  I pick up my pace - 11, 10:30, 10, 9:30...still, the Garmin keeps alerting me that my pace is too slow.  So, either I got some major overnight improvement in my cardio system, or the Garmin isn't reading my hr correctly.  I decided to ignore the Garmin and just run.

About 15min into the run, my Ipod shuffle starts acting up.  First some static, then it just goes silent.  It's not the battery - it usually warns me about low battery, plus the little light is on.  I don't feel like messing with it, so I just ignore that too...

and then...BAH! big spider web.  It's dark out, so I never see it coming.  I just instantly feel my face, shoulders, and chest covered in web.  Yuck.  Another reason to dislike spiders. That one really picked a bad place to build his mega-web.

So, I get home and the internet is down.  I guess I was just meant to have a low-tech, in-touch-with-nature night last night.


Quick follow-up on the Ipod shuffle problem.  It's one of the new ones with the controls on the headphones. I did some checking and it turns out it's a pretty common problem - something to do with moisture getting into the headphone controls. I found a couple of fixes involving duct tape and saran wrap. Maybe I'll give one of those a try.

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  1. Sometimes technology can do more harm than good. Hope you are able to work out the iPod issues. As you get more comfortable with your pace, maybe you can eventually lose the HR monitor too and run largely by feel. And I detest spider webs, that's the worst element of the run by far! Good luck on your BQ quest!