Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday long run

Now that I've had a couple of easy Saturdays following my recent 10k race, I'm back to ramping up my Saturday long runs again. Today the schedule called for 6 miles.

I got an early start. I was up by 6am, and running by about 6:30. It was already 80 degrees, and had jumped to 85 by the end of my run.

The run went well. Once again I let my heart rate set the pace, and kept it zone 3 for most of the run. The result was an average heart rate at zone 3.4, average pace 12:22. I felt good at the end of the run - no aches or pains; tired, but not completely exhausted.

Looking forward, next week I'll match my longest run to date of 7 miles, and beyond that I'll start ramping up to new distances. The goal is to get my long runs up to 10 miles before my next 5k in October.

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