Monday, January 3, 2011

On the road again

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Despite what my DailyMile widget over in the margin might say, I have been back to running the past couple of days.

Saturday afternoon I decided to try to go for my first run in about a week and a half. The weather was nice - sunny and 39 degrees, no wind. Almost perfect running weather (I prefer it closer to 50). I headed down to a local park that has about 6 miles of running paths. It's great for runs when I'm not feeling my best because I can get in a long run without ever being more than about a mile from my car. So I got to the park and got going, and almost quit immediately. Each step I took jarred my aching sinuses, so I was feeling a sharp pain in my face over and over again - not fun. I experimented with clenching my jaw and holding my face muscles tight- which helped a bit. Eventually after about a mile or so the pain eased up (or I just got used to it). Other than the sinus pain, the run went pretty well. Physically, it felt like I hadn't really lost anything. But mentally, it was way more challenging than normal for a 3.3 mile run. But I got through it just fine and decided to try to get back on the training plan on Sunday.

The training plan called for an easy 6 mile run on Sunday. I headed back to the park on Sunday afternoon, enjoying more great running weather. The sinus pain was gone, so physically the run went great. Mentally - still more challenging than normal. Usually I have a pretty good feel for how far I've run - I'm usually accurate within a 1/4 mile or so. But on Sunday the run kept feeling alot longer than it actually was. The first time I checked my distance on my Garmin, I expected to see about 4 or 4.5 miles...instead, it was less than 3.5. Guess I'll need to recalibrate my mental Garmin just a bit.

So, it's good to be back out running again. Just in time to get started on my 2011 goals...

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