Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Goals (part 2)

A few more things to add to my original 2011 goals post:

- I've been inspired by Adam over at The Boring Runner to establish a 1 mile PR in 2011. Along those lines, I also want to establish PR's for the 400m and 2mi run. I went back and found my fastest 400m training interval, which is now shown as my 400m PR. Since that was part of a 5x400m interval workout, I think I could beat it if I just ran one 400m flat out without having to save anything for later intervals. The 2mi distance gives me a chance to compare my current running ability to where I was back in my Army days. The Army's physical fitness test included a 2mi run, so back in those days it was all about the 2mi run time for me. It will be interesting to see if I can get my 2mi time back to where it used to be (I think it was around 13 min at my best).

- I want to blog/journal more consistently. I've be journaling my runs for about a year and blogging for about six months. I like being able to go back see where I've been. I wish there weren't so many gaps in my blog entries, though. I want to improve this year.

- Start taking more photos on my runs. I have only a handful of photos from the past year. I wish I had more.

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