Monday, January 17, 2011

Next week: Time Trials Week!

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One of my goals for 2011 is to establish PR's for the 400m, 1 mile, and 2 mile distances.

I've decided to try to do all three in one week (bad idea?). My next 5k is coming up on Saturday. After that, I'll have a one week break until I begin my next 5k training session. So, I'm thinking it might be a good opportunity to have a little fun and see what I can do. My plan is to spread the three time trials out over the course of the week, doing one time trial every other day. That gives me a good 48 hour beak between each one.

Hopefully I can use a track for this. Otherwise I'll be at the mercy of my sorta-accurate Garmin and my poor hit-the-stop-button skills.

Since I have no idea what times to aim for, here are some predictions made by the McMillan running calculator using my last 5k time of 23:50:

400m: 1:24
1mi: 6:52
2mi: 14:40

I'll use these time predictions to try to pace myself, and as goals to aim for since I have no current PR to try to beat.  Any local runners want to join me? Competition makes times faster :)
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