Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A few things

Some things on my mind today:

1. I'm surprised by how tired my legs are from last night's 400m time trial. Maybe the most tired my legs have ever been after a run.

2. The Cowtown 10k has been upgraded from "Possible" to "Locked in" status on my Race Schedule. The race is on Feb. 26. Should be fun. It will be my wife's first 10k. Plus, we have alot of friends running one or another of the Cowtown events. I haven't run a 10k since last September. I feel a new PR coming.

3. Official results have now been posted for the 5k I ran last Saturday. Turns out my memory is failing. My official time was actually 24:48, not 24:28. Sidebar has been updated accordingly. (why couldn't it have been faster than I remembered instead of slower?)

4. I'm feeling great about the upcoming training schedule that I start officially on Saturday. Maybe the best I've felt about a training schedule since I started my half marathon training late last summer. I believe it will really help me improve, and I'm excited that it includes so many of the types of runs I enjoy the most: easy-pace runs in the 5-7 mile range.

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