Friday, June 3, 2011

Race Goals for Tomorrow's 5k

I've got a 5k race on the calendar for tomorrow, which means it's time to set some race goals!

Tomorrow's race is "Run the Rails," and it benefits a local school district's scholarship fund. It seems like a timely cause considering the financial challenges many area school districts are struggling with right now.

I didn't run this 5k last year, and I've never run near the race course, so it's a good opportunity to explore a new area. The weather forecast is looking good, albeit a bit warmer than I'd prefer - should be sunny and mid-70's at race time. As for the course, most of it winds through a park area along paved walkways, and it looks to be pretty flat. So conditions seem right for a good run.

So now to write out a few goals. Here goes:
1. Beat my time from last month's 5k of 28:23
2. Finish under 28:00
3. Finish under 27:00

I have to say that I'll be disappointed if I don't beat last month's time. When I ran that 5k, I had only really been back to running for less than 2 weeks after about 2 months of almost no running. Since then, I've been running very consistently four times per week. Also, tomorrow's course is much flatter. Last month's 5k was up-hill for the entire mile 3, which can be (and was for me) mentally and physically defeating. Tomorrow I can pace myself without being concerned about tackling a hill at the end of the course.

As for goals 2 and 3, those are the same as goals 2 and 3 for last month's race, which I didn't achieve. So, why not try again?

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