Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This weekend I'm running my first repeat race. I'm running the Buffalo Boogie, which is a race that I ran last year.

It will be interesting to see how my time compares with last year's race. This time last year, I had been running consistently for about four months, but before those four months I hadn't run in years. This time around, I've been running for over a year, but I've been very inconsistent during the past few months. I'm hoping that this race will nudge me back into being more consistent with my running.

Of all of the races I have run over the past 16 months, this one stands out as a favorite. The race takes place at the Fort Worth Nature Center, and the course winds through a wooded area along a nice asphalt course. Also, the organizers make a real event out of it. It's like having the expo going on during the race, with lots of vendors and stuff for kids to do, live band, etc. Parking is a breeze, and the weather this time of year is usually pretty nice.

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