Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The pain on the outside of my left foot started Sunday afternoon. Three days later I've missed two of the four runs on my training schedule this week.

Lile most runners, I'm no stranger to running through minor aches and pains. I think it goes with the territory, especially when you're a 40 year old recovering couch potato like me.

But something about the pain is different this time, and my gut is telling me that I better rest it.

The location of the pain has me a bit concerned that it could possibly be a stress fracture, but I'm hoping it's just the tendons. There's no bruising or swelling. And after I've been off my feet for a while the pain is gone. But after several minutes of walking the pain returns and quickly escalates.

I'm trying to stay positive and convince myself that it's improved since Sunday. And maybe it has. My goal at this point is to at least be ready to run the half I'm signed up for on Saturday.

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