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Marathon Training - Week 23 of 30

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I'm training for my first marathon, which will be the White Rock Marathon in Dallas on December 4, 2011. My training week runs from Monday to Sunday. Today is Monday, which means the beginning of a new training week!

Week 22 Review:
  • Monday: Schedule rest - completed
  • Tuesday: 4mi run - completed
  • Wednesday: 8mi pace run - completed
  • Thursday: 4mi run - completed
  • Friday: Scheduled rest - completed
  • Saturday: 17mi long run - completed
  • Sunday: Cross-training - skipped

Okay, last week was pretty tough. I thought the 8mi pace run was pretty challenging, and the 17mi long run was very challenging.

The 17mi run was a distance PR by 1.5 miles, and time-wise it was my longest run by about half an hour. I wish I could say that I flew through it and felt great. But...

I felt tired right from the start of that run. I think I'm fighting a cold that has had my energy level lower than usual. Also, the weather was low-mid 70's, with humidity around 90%. Not exactly ideal running weather for me. Then about 2mi into my run I tripped over some rebar that was sticking out across the sidewalk and cut my right leg in a couple of places. I guess you could say that the run wasn't going so well early on, and never really got much better.

But here's what I learned during the 3 hours of running that followed: Stubbornness and Optimism are essential sometimes. Be too stubborn to quit, and be optimistic that you can finish.

Good or bad, I stuck it out and finished the run. I was surprised to find out later that my average overall pace was 11:21, which is within my long-run pace window (10:30 to 11:30 minutes/mile). I expected it to be alot slower. If it had been 14 minutes per mile, I wouldn't have been surprised. I'm not kidding.

Now that it's behind me, I'm feeling pretty great about it. I feel like I overcame a huge hurdle on my way to my first marathon. If I can run 17 miles, then I can run 20. And if I can run 20, I can run 26.2. Or at least that's what they say, and I'm choosing to believe them (remember - "optimism").

Oh - also still having some mild pain in my right ankle, but better than last week. Decided to skip the cross-training on Sunday again and give it some extra rest.

Okay, enough about last week.

Week 23
(week 11 of Hal Higdon's Novice 2 program)

This week is the second of the peak 6 weeks of my training. This week I say goodbye to 4mi runs for a while. My Tuesday-Thursday runs get bumped up to 5 miles, the peak of this training program.

This Saturday continues the streak of distance PR's, as I go for 18 miles.

In summary, here's what's on this week's schedule:
  • Monday: Schedule rest
  • Tuesday: 5mi run
  • Wednesday: 8mi run
  • Thursday: 5mi run
  • Friday: Scheduled rest
  • Saturday: 18mi long run
  • Sunday: Cross-training

Have a great week!
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