Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A few new running books

Half Price Books in downtown Berkeley, California.Image via Wikipedia
Last night I had some free time so I paid a visit to one of my favorite places: Half Price Books.

I was specifically looking for some running-related books. As usual, I found more books than I had money to buy, so I had to narrow my choices down.

Here are the three books I finally settled on:

"Running Within" by Jerry Lynch and Warren Scott

Says it's a guide to mastering the body-mind-spirit connection for ultimate training and racing. I'm hoping to get some good tips on how to train for the mental aspect of running.


"Complete Book of Running & Fitness" by Fred Lebow and Gloria Averbuch

This looks like a good general guide to running. It covers several aspects of running, including tips for racing, nutrition, drills, etc. It's not really the kind of book I would read cover to cover, but more like a mini encyclopedia of running with some stuff I'll scan, other stuff I'll read more closely. I'm excited to try some of the different running drills, to kind of add some variety to my training routine.

"Ultra Marathon Man" by Dean Karnazes

Okay, this one was a complete no-brainer. I was really excited to find this one! I've been a fan of Dean Karnazes since I saw the documentary about his 50 marathons/50 days/50 states endurance challenge. I was amazed and inspired by his accomplishments, and I've been wanting to get this book. I already started it, and I can tell I'm going to get through this one pretty quickly because it's hard to put down. I'd really like to know how someone holds a pizza and a cheesecake in one hand and eats with the other while running!

So that's my new running-book collection. My first three running books.

What running books do you have that you would recommend?

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  1. The Runner's Rule Book: Everything A Runner Needs To Know--And Then Some by Mark Remy is a must have! I've got several more, most of which I'd be happy to loan out.

    And in case your wife is interested in some running reading, my wife is a big fan of: Soul Sisters by Jennifer Lin and Susan Warner, as well as Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running by Dagny Scott Barrios.