Sunday, September 25, 2011

Marathon Training - Week 21 of 30

I'm training for my first marathon, which will be the White Rock Marathon in Dallas on December 4, 2011. My training week runs from Monday to Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday, which means the beginning of a new training week!

Week 20 Review:
  • Monday: Schedule rest - completed
  • Tuesday: 4mi run - completed
  • Wednesday: 7mi run - completed
  • Thursday: 4mi run - completed
  • Friday: Scheduled rest - completed
  • Saturday: 15mi long run - completed
  • Sunday: Cross-training - completed (1hr cycling)

Another great week last week.

The 15mi run on Saturday was another distance PR for me.

The idea of running 14 or 15 miles (or longer) is intimidating, so this week I decided to tailor my long run to include some elements of familiarity and simplicity in order to minimize the intimidating nature of the run. Instead of doing a 15mi loop or a 7.5mi out-and-back, I decided to run a familiar route that could be made into a 5mi loop. A 5mi run isn't nearly as intimidating as a 15mi run. So rather than thinking of it as a 15mi run, I thought of it as doing a 5mi run three times. I think this tactic worked. It helped me to relax and enjoy the run. It was also nice knowing that I was never more than a couple of miles away from my car.

I also started listening to audio books instead of music on my long runs. I can focus on the story (but not so much that I lose track of my surroundings). It's almost like a movie is playing in my head. It's great for helping to pass the time, which is a real challenge when you're going to be running for 2.5 or 3 hours or more.

Week 21
(week 9 of Hal Higdon's Novice 2 program)

This is week 21 of my 30 week training program, which means that I'm now 2/3 of the way to the big day. Just a couple of months to go!

This week is a step-back week, meaning that my Saturday long run is shorter than the past couple of weeks. But it's still 13mi, which is not "short" at all to me. But it is much less intimidating following weeks of 14 and 15 mile runs.

Here's what's on this week's schedule:
  • Monday: Schedule rest
  • Tuesday: 4mi run
  • Wednesday: 7mi pace run
  • Thursday: 4mi run
  • Friday: Scheduled rest
  • Saturday: 13mi long run
  • Sunday: Cross-training

Have a great week!

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