Monday, August 29, 2011

Marathon Training - Week 17 of 30

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I'm training for my first marathon, which will be the White Rock Marathon in Dallas on December 4, 2011. My training week runs from Monday to Sunday. Today is Monday, which means the beginning of a new training week!

First, a quick review of last week (week 16):
  • Monday - scheduled rest - completed
  • Tuesday - 3 mile run - completed
  • Wednesday - 6 mile pace run - completed
  • Thursday - 3 mile run - completed
  • Friday - scheduled rest - completed
  • Saturday - 11 mile run - completed
  • Sunday - cross-training - spent the afternoon at a water park (I still say it counts)
  • Total distance run - 23 miles

Whew! Tough week last week, but I got through it. The 6mi pace run and 11mi long run were both challenging additions to last week's schedule. Top that off with continued high temperatures as our local heat wave continues, and it made for a challenging week for sure. 

Now on to this week - Week 17 (Week 5 of Hal Higdon's Novice 2 program):

The 11 mile long run will be short compared to most of the long runs left on the schedule. This week the long run climbs to 12 miles. I have never done a 12mi run. Unless you count the half marathon (13.2mi) that I ran last December. But that was in MUCH cooler temps. No doubt - I'm finally getting to the point where I'm entering some uncharted territory. But I do get a bit of a mid-week break this week, as my Wednesday run this week is an easy run rather than a pace run. 

Here's what's on this week's schedule:
  • Monday - scheduled rest
  • Tuesday - 3 mile run
  • Wednesday - 6 mile run
  • Thursday - 3 mile run
  • Friday - scheduled rest
  • Saturday - 12 mile run
  • Sunday - cross-training
  • Total running mileage - 24 miles

Have a great week!
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