Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Transition Week

Last week I wrapped up week 10 of the P90X program. It's actually a 13 week program, but I feel like I've gotten what I wanted out of it, and honestly I'm getting bored with it and I'm ready to get back to doing more running.

Last weekend I ran a local 5k as a way of testing myself to gauge where I'm at. I ran a 27:21, which I'm happy with considering the heat and how little running I've done until just recently. Anyway, it was good enough to convince me that P90X has served it's purpose of grinding me back into half-way decent shape after taking a few (as in 4 or 5) months off from running. I think I'm at least ready to get back to a regular running program.

So, right now my calendar has workouts for the next 14 weeks, which gets me to a half marathon in late October. My goal is to set a new HM PR, so that's the focus of my training between now and then. My training plan is based on Hal Higdon's advanced half-marathon training program. I chose it because it includes a nice mix of speed work, strength/core training, and long runs. For strength/core workouts, I will be mixing in some of the P90X workouts: Plyometrics, Core Synergistics, Ab Ripper X, and maybe some others.

Last night was the first workout of the new plan, which was hill repeats. I live in north Texas, which is pretty flat. But if you look around enough, you can find some decent hills. I found one that is about 400m long and has about an 8% grade overall. Actually it seems to get steeper as you go, or maybe it just feels that way. It was challenging, but I enjoyed being out running instead of on a yoga mat in front of the TV watching yet another P90X video.

By the way, I think P90X is a great program and highly recommend it if you are looking for an all-around fitness program. I couldn't be happier with the progress I made in only 10 weeks.

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